Triangle Screwdriver A Must Have toolbox Item

Everyone needs to repair something in the house sometime. Besides necessary skills to carry out repairs one should also have necessary tools. There are some of the tools that everyone should have in his house in case he needs to repair something urgently. The list of the tools that might be used in homes is exhaustive but some of them are universal and are used frequently. Every home owner should have these tools to do regular maintenance. When we talk about tools, the things that strike our minds are hammers, screwdrivers, triangle screwdriver, wrenches etc.

The purpose of hammer needs not to be clarified as everyone knows it is used to drive and pull nails in walls and wood. It is attached with a piece of wood for holding and padding it. It is a perfect tool to knock things into tight places. But without nails, hammer cannot attach things together. So, a nail set with various types and sizes of nails is also required. Nails are usually used to hang objects, for trim and finishing work. The nail heads can be then hidden with putty.

As a basic nail pulling tool, a flat bar can be used. It is usually required for demolition work and also for DIY projects. Moreover, a flat bar can also give the work of a lever in lifting heavy objects like appliances (to adjust their feet) and to pull the nails from very tight places where hammer cannot do it. To pull the stubborn nails that sunk below the wood surface, even flat bar is useless. For this purpose you need a cat’s paw, obviously not of an original cat but it is a tool which digs such nails.

The levels are another must have objects when remodeling or building anything. They ensure you that work is level and plumb. A two feet level is better for remodeling jobs. But if you only want to hang racks, toilet paper dispensers and mirrors, then a small torpedo level is enough for the job. Wrenches are very important to tighten the nuts and bolts. Also these are most essential tool for plumbing work. There are many types and sizes of nuts and bolts for which more than one wrenches may be required. Having a crescent wrench can save you from this hassle and also you money.

A drilling machine is used when you have to make a small hole for nails and screws to pass in walls or wood. A power drill saves your time and effort that you might have to put in to drive nails with hammer or screwing the screws with a screwdriver. Having a cordless power drill is better it can be used on roofs too where there is no electric socket nearby. And last but not the least a set of screw drivers is always required if you want to open up appliances and other things. Nowadays many electronics have three headed screws in them for which a triangle screwdriver must be a part of your toolbox.

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  1. Bernard Chan says:

    I interested to purchase posted triangle screw driver holder + 1 pc 2mm and 1 pcs next size.
    Will I able to get them off-shelf in retail hardware shop in Singapore. Please advise.

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