Tri wing Screwdriver Alternative Methods To Do the Job

Nowadays many electronics manufacturers are using triangle headed screws to assemble their products. The idea behind this is that the user should not be able to operate the things by themselves as the screwdrivers needed to open triangular headed screws are not common in houses. For this purpose a special tri-wing screwdriver is also available on some stores. If you need to take apart you Nintendo product sometime, you will see that the screws cannot be opened with the normal screwdriver. You have to get a triangle headed screwdriver which is not easy to get. The hardware stores rarely have them in their stock because of their limited use and sale. An electronics repairing workshop will have them but only for their own use, not for sale.

 There are two options available to you. You can keep on searching for this screwdriver or you can improvise one yourself. If you can repair things like Nintendo then you should have necessary skills to improvise tools to use them in place of other tools. You can improvise something to remove the tri-wing screws. People have tried some locally available options for this purpose including modified Philips screwdrivers, melted BIC pens and flat blade screwdrivers. All these tools yield some degree of success. A small flat blade screwdriver is very easy to try. You only have to find a screwdriver small enough to fit into the center of Y-shaped recess in the screw. After doing this, an enough amount of force is required to turn the screw. But if you apply more than required force, the blade screwdriver will slip out again and again. The disadvantage of this method is that it will damage the blade if the blade is not very strong and you will end up in the way after opening some of the screws.

Modifying a Philips screw drive is another method to improvise a triangle screwdriver. A Philips screwdriver has X shaped tip. By removing one of the wings it becomes T shaped. The resulting is small enough to fit in the center of tri –wing screw. But as the fit is not perfect, this screwdriver might strip the screws. A stripped screw is then very hard to remove by any other means so apply this method very carefully. The last thing you can do is using melted BIC pen. The method is only a bit reasonable for some screws but usually very poor method of removing tri-wing screws. To improvise a BIC pen, heat the end of this pen until the plastics melts and softens. Then press this soft hot end into the screw and keep it in place until the plastic cools down and hardens in this shape. This will make a plastic mold of the tri-wing screw. You can then use it as a screwdriver but it is usually not very strong to provide the necessary torque required to remove the screws. The best way to do the job is to use the right tool i.e. a tri-wing screwdriver.

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