Triangle Screwdriver Necessary To Repair New Appliances

Screwdrivers are a very common tool in every tool box. You must have removed the screws of something in your life. The common screwdrivers we know are single or double winged and most of the things and electronics have either of these. But there are many other products which have triangle headed screws in them. To remove those screws, a screwdriver with triangle head is required. Interestingly there is more than one type of screwdrivers than we usually know. Just like a Philips screwdriver which is used to drive cross headed screws and a flat head screwdriver used to remove single slot screws, a triangle screwdriver is used to remove the triangular-headed screws.


The Philips and flathead screwdrivers do the normal job but the triangle screwdrivers perform a more specialized function. The toys for children found in fast food happy meals have triangle screws used in them. These toys are manufactured on a very large scale and often have very small life. When something inside them breaks, you might feel it very difficult to sooth your weeping kid. But in order to fix this toy fast you need a triangle screwdriver. There are many modern appliances that also use these kinds of screws. For instance Roomba Robot Vacuums and other such machines that automatically clean the rooms have triangle headed screws to hold their battery compartment. To maintain these appliances easily, buying a triangle screwdriver is a must.

As these screwdrivers are not very common, very less hardware stores keep them for sale. You can either search for them or you can make one yourself. In case you decide to improvise this tool, the thing you will need is a bench grinder and an old screwdriver. Then grind the tipoff the screwdriver and give it a shape of triangle. If you do not want to ruin a screwdriver, then you can also use a big nail for this purpose. It is more preferable than using an old screwdriver as if the tip gets wrong shape by mistake, you can use another nail.

As there are a very limited number of triangle screwdrivers in the market, it might be thought that they are not long lasting and are meant for temporary use. This is absolutely wrong. Most of the triangle screwdrivers are made from very strong chrome vanadium steel which is hardened enough to resist stripping out. These screwdrivers also have a formal ABS plastic handle to hold and use them with comfort. Also the handles enable the application of enough torque required to remove the screw. The screwdriver with triangle head is needed for very limited number of appliances but one thing should be remembered that using other kinds of screwdrivers might damage the screws and also the product. You can also buy the triangle screwdriver from the market or online. The price ranges from $2 to $6 according to the size of the screwdriver. You can have it shipped to your home but you will need to do shopping of a certain amount to avail shipment facility.

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